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December, 2019
Selling Personalized books!
The most common request Sarah gets is from folks who can’t make it to a live show, but still want a way to get a personalized/signed book. So we’re gonna try it! For a very limited time (must order BY DECEMBER 4, 2019) you can now order any of Sarah’s 4 books, and she will sign & personally address them to whomever you want! (Unfortunately this offer is only for the U.S.!) This is a very DIY operation, (Sophia and Sarah, in her living room, addressing books and mailing them, themselves) so orders must be placed by *DECEMBER 4* to ensure it will get where it needs to be in time for the Holidays! This is a lovely way to support two independent artists and also give a very personal poetry-present to someone. Get one for everyone on your list! (Also check out the rest of the rad stuff in Sarah’s online shop, while you’re in there!)

December, 2019
Eligible for the Oscars Shortlist!
Sarah is over the moon that one of the animated shorts she helped produce for the TED-Ed webseries “There’s a Poem for That” is in the running for the OSCARS SHORTLIST! Brendan Constantine’s poem is utterly beautiful, and the animators of this video did such an incredible job. Plus even the possibility of a poet (and friend!) getting an Oscar nomination is too exciting for words. Please watch (below), share or check out the film’s site, & check out the very nice write-up from Animation Magazine.

June 21, 2019
Back on the TED Mainstage!
Eight years after her first TEDtalk (“If I should have a daughter…”), Sarah returned to open the 2019 TED conference with a poem called, “A Bird Made of Birds,” which was inspired by Kaveh Akbar’s beautiful line: “The universe has already written the poem you were planning on writing.” Today the video is online!

May 6, 2019
Hosting “Sincerely, X”!
Sarah is thrilled to announce that she’s the new host for “Sincerely, X” a podcast from TED and Luminary Media. “Sincerely, X” features stories so risky they need to be told anonymously. In each episode, we give light to an idea in hiding, and then we go deeper, exploring those ideas with the help of others. We’re so excited for you to hear these conversations I’ve gotten to be part of. Coming on May 6, exclusively on the Luminary app! Subscribe early to save:

March 11, 2019
Profiled in The New Yorker!
“On a recent Sunday, the spoken-word poets Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye sat on couches in their dressing room at the Bell House, a Brooklyn concert venue, and composed a set list for their sold-out show…” Sarah has only had two magazine subscriptions in her life. Highlights for Children (as a kid), and The New Yorker. She may have missed her shot at being in Highlights, but she got to cross an item off her bucketlist this week, thanks to Michele Moses’s feature in The New Yorker’s “Talk of The Town” column. Read the whole piece here!

February, 2019
Open for Business!
Sarah is so excited to announce the opening of, an online store of poem-related objects & items: mugs, pins, totes, posters, cozy sweatshirts, hats, tanks, & tees. This online shop is the newest collaboration between Sarah  Kay & Sophia Janowitz (the illustrator of all Sarah’s books, and her lifelong collaborator). It was important to Sarah to find new ways to celebrate & promote Sophia’s art, since Sophia has created & given so much of it to help Sarah’s poetry live beautifully in their books. Now you can directly purchase artful objects Sophia designs!

January, 2019
Headed West!
Sarah will be on tour with Phil Kaye in California for a good chunk of January. Info in the sidebar, or click the image for ticket links!

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