Macaronics and Cheese: January 27, 2012

Inbox, Interwebs.
I am sure it must be extremely hard to maneuver my ambiguously ethnic features in pen and ink.
But I think these two fellas have done a pretty knock-out job. The left portrait is by artist Siegfried Woldhek, and it was used as the poster when I spoke at TED last year. The right portrait is by RISD student AF, and he drew it in his notebook in the dark of the Bowery Poetry Club audience while I was performing on stage in December. Click either picture to see their websites.

Recent News January 3-23, 2012

January 3-23, 2012
On tour with Project V.O.I.C.E.!
Sarah and Phil have been on the road for three weeks. The final count: 20 days. 12 venues. 19 performances. 21 workshops. 1 combo box of gushers/fruit roll-up/fruit-by-the-foot. Way too many miles on the 5, not enough miles on the 101. Two bags of cough drops. Lots of vitamins. And thousands of supporters, friends, students, teachers, and organizers making it all worth it. Some people go on winter break. Project V.O.I.C.E. goes on winter work. Supremely thankful. Exhausted and thankful.