Macaronics and Cheese: January 29, 2013

Newport Beach, CA.
This house has so many treasures in it. For
example, the cork board wall, where traces of
my childhood can be found.

Exhibit A: my drawing of the “Cat Moster” [sic]
which I scientifically labelled a 50,000 lb animal.
I also wanted people to know how big he was——
a measurement I used my own hands to determine——
“9 pinkys” (as in pinky fingers) long.

Exhibit B: some of my old ribbons from swim team
summers. What I remember most about swim team
was that afterwards I was allowed to pick one
“healthy snack” and one candy from the shop
next to the pool. I regularly picked red vines,
a choice I am now perplexed by.

Macaronics and Cheese: January 26, 2013

Newport Beach, CA.
There are only a handful of places on this planet where
I feel wholly at home. In each one of them, there are
specific nooks or objects that are sacred; talismans or
symbols that remind me: this is home. You are safe.
The blue and purple towel hanging on the towel rack in
the downstairs bathroom of my Nana’s house. This is
one of my most beloved.

Tributes: Time Zone

The Wrong Time Zone
The mysterious “Bellevoix” is at it again. This watercolor makes reference to a line in the poem “When Love Arrives” that I perform with Phil. It’s one of the lines that is most personal for me, and this image is lovely in a melancholy way.

Tributes: Pillow Cases

Pillow Poems
I love when people get arts-n-crafty. Here’s an awesome project “Torinay” made. What’s funny to me, is that I always say the line, “no matter how many times it is swept away” when I perform the poem. But Torinay, like many folks, like the version with “sent” away better. She says:

“One of my favorite quotes written on a pillow case… A line from the poem “B” by Sarah Kay.”