Recent News: January 31, 2014 (2)

January 31, 2014
Performing at Palisades Charter High School in Los Angeles, CA!
Pali is one of Project VOICE’s fondest schools. It is always a joy to come back and see old friends and make new ones. Much love as always to the staff who make the visit possible, and to the wonderful Pali students who continue to impress every year! (Photo by Franny Choi!)

Recent News: January 31, 2014

January 31, 2014
Performing at Seven Arrows Elementary School in Pacific Palisades, CA!
Sarah and Phil had so much fun at their morning performance for the students, parents, and staff of Seven Arrows Elementary School! Thank you to the wonderful audience, and thank you for your smart questions! (Photo by Franny Choi.)

Recent News: January 30, 2014

January 30, 2014
Performing and teaching at Orange County School of the Arts in Santa Ana, CA!
Project VOICE spent the evening with the absurdly talented students of the Creative Writing program at OCSA, and performed for the community in the gorgeous old church-made-theater. Much love and thanks to all who attended!

Recent News: January 29, 2014

January 29, 2014
Performing and teaching at Pacific Ridge School in Carlsbad, CA!
Sarah and Phil were excited to return to Pacific Ridge for the second year. This time, they welcomed students Juliana Fan, Sarah Tatsumi, Spencer Wollan and Claire St. Marie up onstage to share their poetry with the rest of the school! They also got a chance to lead spoken word poetry workshops with the freshman class. Much thanks to Mr. Bray and Mr. Morell for making the visit possible, and to the brave, beautiful students who performed!

Recent News: January 28, 2014 (2)

January 28, 2014
Performing at Da Poetry Lounge!
Sarah loves Da Poetry Lounge and the folks who run it. This time, as always, she and Phil were greeted with a packed house and a lively crowd. So much love and thanks to Shihan for hosting one of the best slam venues in the country.

Recent News: January 28, 2014

January 28, 2014
Performing at Huntington Beach High School in Huntington Beach, CA!
Sarah was so excited to read this recent article about HBHS’s brand new poetry club, “HB Voices.” It made today’s visit even more special. Two back to back performances in the gym to 1,500 students (x2!) made for a busy morning. Much thanks and love to HB Voices and the HBHS staff that helped organize the visit!

Recent News: January 23-24, 2014

January 23-24, 2014
Performing and teaching at Cate School in Carpinteria, CA!
Phil and Sarah had such a wonderful time performing for the entire high school, and then working in workshops with the sophomore class. It is always a wonderful experience to work with Cate students. Much thanks to Peter Arango for all his help putting the visit together.

Recent News: January 22, 2014

January 22, 2014
Performing at Milken Community High School in Los Angeles, CA!
This was Project VOICE’s first trip to Milken Community High School, so they didn’t know what to expect. They were greeted with a lovely room of warm faces and new friends made up of Milken students and other community members. Much thanks to the student and faculty organizers as well as everyone who came to the show tonight!

Recent News: January 21, 2014

January 21, 2014
Performing at The Studio at Sage Hill School in Orange County, CA!
This show is always such a wonderful night. Lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins came out to see Phil and Sarah perform, as well as some amazing fans who traveled some long distances to be present at the show. Much thanks and love to the Sage Hill community and faculty for hosting such a fun event!