Recent News: Holiday 2019 Books

December, 2019
Selling Personalized books!
The most common request Sarah gets is from folks who can’t make it to a live show, but still want a way to get a personalized/signed book. So we’re gonna try it! For a very limited time (must order BY DECEMBER 4, 2019) you can now order any of Sarah’s 4 books, and she will sign & personally address them to whomever you want! (Unfortunately this offer is only for the U.S.!) This is a very DIY operation, (Sophia and Sarah, in her living room, addressing books and mailing them, themselves) so orders must be placed by *DECEMBER 4* to ensure it will get where it needs to be in time for the Holidays! This is a lovely way to support two independent artists and also give a very personal poetry-present to someone. Get one for everyone on your list! (Also check out the rest of the rad stuff in Sarah’s online shop, while you’re in there!)

Recent News: TED-Ed

December, 2019
Eligible for the Oscars Shortlist!
Sarah is over the moon that one of the animated shorts she helped produce for the TED-Ed webseries “There’s a Poem for That” is in the running for the OSCARS SHORTLIST! Brendan Constantine’s poem is utterly beautiful, and the animators of this video did such an incredible job. Plus even the possibility of a poet (and friend!) getting an Oscar nomination is too exciting for words. Please watch (below), share or check out the film’s site, & check out the very nice write-up from Animation Magazine.