Macaronics and Cheese: November 30, 2012

Kathmandu, Nepal.
Today started with a neat surprise. Namely: My face on
the front page of the paper. Which was sweet. But then
I turned to page 7, for the “Exclusive Interview”
and discovered this:
Oops. Note to self: No more talking about poop during interviews.
Later, I visited the home of Kumari, the Living Goddess.
But I didn’t photograph her, I promise. I did have a whole
lot of questions I wanted to ask, though.
Then I found some “common” women putting on make up
next to the elephant tusk case in a museum.
Lastly, I walked past a small shrine for people with toothaches.
Apparently, if you stop by and nail a coin to the wood,
the Gods will cure your toothache. Incidentally, the shrine
is near a dentist’s office. Just in case.

Tributes: B’nai Shalom Day School

B’nai Shalom Poets
Phil and I recently performed and taught workshops at B’nai Shalom Day School. Some of the students worked on their own poems and sent us this video! I love when we visit a school that gets excited about poetry and then continues writing and building after we leave. Click the photo to see the video!

December 26, 2012

Performing and hosting “Still Here!” at Joe’s Pub in New York City!
Sarah is thrilled to be hosting an open to the public show in New York City! The night is in honor of this amazing city, its resilience, its love, and its light. All proceeds of the night will be going towards Hurricane Sandy Relief via the Rockaway Youth Task Force. Sarah will be performing alongside Andy Suzuki & the Method, Arthur Lewis, and some other awesome guest artists. The show will be at Joe’s Pub at 425 Lafayette Street, NYC 10003 at 7pm!
You can get tickets here!

December 1, 2012

Speaking in a Public Discussion of “The Power of the Spoken Word” with Gaurab Subba in Kathmandu, Nepal!
Sarah will be having a discussion and Q/A session with Gaurub Subba! From the event description: “Spoken word poetry encapsulates many of the world’s literary traditions. From the great epics spread by bards to the rapid spread of slam poetry, the spoken word has the power to animate us. We explore the recent spread of slam and what it tells us about ourselves.” The event is Free and open to the public! It is at 2:00 pm at The Bakery Cafe, Sundhara. See here for more info.