Tributes: Time Zone

The Wrong Time Zone
The mysterious “Bellevoix” is at it again. This watercolor makes reference to a line in the poem “When Love Arrives” that I perform with Phil. It’s one of the lines that is most personal for me, and this image is lovely in a melancholy way.

Tributes: Pillow Cases

Pillow Poems
I love when people get arts-n-crafty. Here’s an awesome project “Torinay” made. What’s funny to me, is that I always say the line, “no matter how many times it is swept away” when I perform the poem. But Torinay, like many folks, like the version with “sent” away better. She says:

“One of my favorite quotes written on a pillow case… A line from the poem “B” by Sarah Kay.”

Tributes: Socks

Savannah has another new watercolor! The line is from my poem “And Found“—— A very short poem that is pretty old and often hidden away. I’m surprised she found it, and I’m tickled that she painted this! Click the image to see it in its original context.

Tributes: B’nai Shalom Day School

B’nai Shalom Poets
Phil and I recently performed and taught workshops at B’nai Shalom Day School. Some of the students worked on their own poems and sent us this video! I love when we visit a school that gets excited about poetry and then continues writing and building after we leave. Click the photo to see the video!

Tributes: Coffee Shop Spelling Errors

Coffee Shop Spelling Errors
My friend Brendan sent me this photo of a piece of wall-art he discovered in his favorite coffee shop at home. Specifically: Plum Island Coffee Roasters, in Newburyport, MA. As my (very patient) friends and family know, I’m hyper sensitive to spelling errors, so “shorline” is really the only thing I’m thinking about right now.

Tributes: Fan Fiction 2

Fan Fiction 2
Another Fan Fiction! I think this one is based on the tv show “Castle.” Although I’ve never seen that show either. But it looks like the author of this piece was inspired by lines from “When Love Arrives.” You can find the piece here!