Tributaries: Carmel Word 2012

Carmel 2012: Word

Remember the amazing ladies of the Carmel H.S. Winter Guard? They made it to the world championships! And wowee did they do an amazing job. Also, I didn’t notice this last time, but I think the floor that they are dancing on has words from my poetry printed on it. Unreal.

Tributaries: Alicia Thurston

Alicia Thurston
Here’s a sweet photo shoot that photographer Alicia Thurston took with her daughter Em that features “B.” She writes:

“I bought the book so Em can always have it on her shelf, read it when she needs a reminder that no matter what, I’m here whenever she needs me.”

It’s pretty adorable. Click the photo above to see the whole shoot.

Tributaries: Fan Fiction

Fan Fiction
A friend of mine forwarded me this link and it took me a while to figure out what was going on. I’m pretty sure “Archive of Our Own” is a site for fan fiction and this particular entry seems to be a piece based on the TV show “Teen Wolf.” The catch? This author finds a connection between some of the characters on the show and my poem “B.” He or she explains:

“Okay, this started because of this piece by Sarah Kay. There was a line in it that makes me think of Sterek so so much, the whole thing got me thinking about Stiles and his relationship with his mom, and then, yeah, this happened.”

I have never seen Teen Wolf before, so I don’t know anything about any of the characters referenced, but the general concept of fan fiction fascinates me. Click the graphic above to read the piece.

Tributaries: Birkwin Jersey

Birkwin Jersey
This arrived today:

“First of all, thank you for all the lovely words you say! I have found your poems such an inspiration, the detail in the observations and descriptions really makes me smile! I was wondering if it might be okay to use a sample of your poem from TedXEast last year in a song? I make music as Birkwin Jersey, and have a couple of releases on a DIY free label called Absent Fever. If it is okay with you I’d love to include it on the next release on AF – it would just be up for free on Bandcamp but thought it’d be nice to ask you first.”

This is one of the most polite emails I’ve ever gotten and obviously I’m thrilled about the entire situation. You should definitely check out Birkwin Jersey‘s other projects since they all look pretty sweet, and make sure to listen to the song that “Astronaut” inspired!

Tributaries: AP Lit

AP Lit
Kaylee B. writes:

“I’m a high school senior, enrolled in an Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition class. This is just slightly relevant. I found your performances a couple months back and have finally found a poetess that I just find truly meaningful and really connected, at least to me (and I’m sure hundreds of others). Our last project in this college level class was to occupy the last few weeks between the AP Exam and the end of the school year. And what our project is, is our free choice to pick a poem that speaks to us and to create an illuminated video to go along with our choice. I ended up choosing “Hands” although “Hand Me Downs” and “B” really gave hands a run for its money in my mind (all such inspiring poems). But hands were something I could draw and had painted all through out the school year in my AP Art class. And seeing as I love deciding on grandiose projects for myself in time allotments which don’t ever seem long enough to complete my grand vision, I thought “Hands” was the best choice for me. It’s not exactly as I imagined it would be but I spent many hours on it and did the best I could for the deadline I had. I would like to add to it but seeing as I am in the final week before I graduate things are just a little busy as I’m sure you might remember of fond graduation countdowns. This was the first time I did a speed paint and because of this project which was inspired by you I have earned some confidence and enjoyment in speed-painting and people’s reactions to my art work. So thank you very much.”

I like everything about this email. For starters, I definitely know a little something about taking on grandiose projects in time allotments which don’t ever seem long enough to complete my grand vision. (See: all of college.) And I certainly remember my high school graduation countdown. My twelfth grade History teacher was so determined not to let us slack off in the final week, he assigned a giant paper on the Civil Rights Movement. I was so frustrated at the assignment, I wrote the entire paper as a rhyming poem. (With parenthetical notes, MLA Standard.) So kudos to Kaylee for finding a way to enjoy her final countdown. And in such a beautiful way! Lastly: “just slightly relevant” is my new favorite phrase. Click the photo to see the video!



Tributaries: Wall Art

Wall Art
Carson B. says: “Your words are now the first thing I read when I wake up.” In my childhood bedroom, the first thing I saw when I woke up was a pink and blue dart board. In my current room, the first thing I see when I wake up is this.

Tributaries: Lily Somerville

Lily Somerville

Lily Somerville sent me this:

“I wrote a song last year called “There’s good here yet.” I wrote it when England was breaking out in riots and I wrote it sometime after I had seen your “If I should have a daughter” on TED. I love your work, it’s beautiful and an inspiration… I thought I’d share with you what you inspired.”

I think singer-songwriters are the cat’s meow. And I think Lily’s voice is beautiful. Click on the graphic to listen to the song!

Tributaries: Delta

Delta’s Interpretation
 Ever since the folks at TED titled my talk “If I Should Have a Daughter,” people always assume that is also the title of the poem I begin the talk with. That poem is actually called “B” but the mistake doesn’t bother me too much. It’s like playing “telephone” when I was a kid. Words get jumbled around when they get passed from one person to the next down the line. Although it seems as though Delta Airlines was apparently towards the end of the line.